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Hi Duncanville Students!

It was GREAT to see all of you on Friday morning. Below you will find my "Six Keys to Success".
Sorry for the delay... I will have answers to your questions up on Saturday afternoon.
Be sure to follow me on Twitter and especially on FaceBook! Just type in "David Hira".

Thanks for your understanding...

David Hira


David Hira's "Six Keys to Success"

1) Look everyone in the eye and Smile.
2) Be the FIRST to speak and the LAST to speak.
3) Look Sharp.
4) Know your stuff.
5) Make things right.
6) Keep your word.

When you feel good and respect yourself you will NATURALLY 
start respecting those around you.
Be a leader and succeed 
starting with these simple
Six Keys to Success!


  • This was our best meeting yet and most of it was because of your mingling and the after dinner program.

    Thomas Keyes

    C.O.O., Metro PCS

  • What a fantastic show. The compliments just kept coming well after your departure.

    Eric Lockart

    Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc.

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