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Best tips for big crowds at your trade show booth? You need an entertainer or infotainer to get a crowd! David is the perfect traffic-stopper reeling in potential and existing customers to your trade show booth like an expert fisherman!

* Get prospects out of the aisles and into your booth
* Make people smile and laugh while hearing YOUR MESSAGE
* Separate the qualified purchasers from the onlookers

David Hira not only works to stop people from walking by your booth and deliver your compelling message, David will train your staff on how to be effective during your trade show hours. More than entertainment while delivering information, David is YOUR business partner and consultant to maximize your trade show investment.

David Hira is a Trade Show Consultant who will maximize your visibility, draw in the greatest numbers of participants to hear YOUR message, and then work to separate the qualified purchasers from the onlookers.

The Result?

More qualified leads
Less wasted time and money following up with "names in a fish bowl."

Tips for a great trade show booth:
1. Make your booth inviting by removing tables that block people from getting into your booth.
2. Simple is best. Avoid "visual clutter" and use one focal point and only three messages
3. People love "freebies". Be sure to have give-aways BUT to "get something" they have to "give something". They must give you their business card.
4. Train your people how to be effective in the booth BEFORE they arrive. Have a game plan that includes weeding out the "tire kickers" from the real buyers.
5. Have everyone that works your booth bring TWO pairs of shoes to wear. Change your shoes every hour or two (at the most). Your body will be less fatigued and less sore while increasing your energy throughout the day.
6. NEVER sit while in your booth. Take breaks outside of your booth area. Your booth is your sales floor!
7. Hide trash, boxes, clutter. Everything and everyone should look crisp, clean and representative of your company.
8. Ask customers to "work a shift" in your booth to share their success story of doing business with your company. Reward them with a dinner certificate as a thank you.
9. Have something or someone that is designed to STOP traffic in the aisles and make attendees come to your booth to see what you offer.
10. Be more "interested" than "interesting". You are here to meet people, build relationships that will yield results weeks later when you follow up with those you met.

David Hira Trade Shows
  • This was our best meeting yet and most of it was because of your mingling and the after dinner program.

    Thomas Keyes

    C.O.O., Metro PCS

  • What a fantastic show. The compliments just kept coming well after your departure.

    Eric Lockart

    Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc.

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