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Is Possible                                

Looking for an uplifting motivational speaker for your team-building, customer service and other keynote address presentations for your corporate convention or meeting?

Nothing is impossible.

Indeed, anything IS possible!

What makes Dallas Fort Worth Texas based magician and motivational keynote speaker David Hira effective with your group?

You hire a keynote speaker for one reason... to instill within your people
the "why", the reason an
d the passion to "do better". A keynote at the opening of a conference should get people to tear down their walls and
get the most out of every presentation and person at your event.
A closing keynote must encapsulate everything they have learned at the event into their current business and personal lives

"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand." - Confucius

David involves people with their imaginations, their intellect, their hands and their hearts. David is a "heart speaker" who makes "heart listeners" out of those to whom he is speaking. He is clean, fun and stays clear of political, religious and ethnic humor always. If fun and clean corporate entertainment and motivational presentations are what you need, David is your best choice.

David's interactive presentations are guaranteed to:

- Captivate and engage your people with warmth, humor and heart.
- Communicate your key message or one of David's signature messages.
- Motivate and inspire by connecting what the head knows and the heart feels.
- Inspire each individual that anything ISpossible with focus and a connection with others.
- ...all while entertaining and engaging your people from start to finish!


Corporate retreats, sales kick off meetings, distributor meetings, convention kick offs and more. Character, integrity, teamwork, valuing one another. Dedication, loyalty, customer centered 

David brings touches of his magic into his speeches to create a captivating, fun and interactive motivational message. David inspires his audience to do what others say is impossible and to brings people of all levels of your organization together so that everyone is working towards a common goal. David connects what we know to what our heart believes and creates a fire in the souls of those whom David is speaking.

David's experience as a husband, father, in the corporate world and as a small business owner have taught him how to give your team the tools they need to succeed. Having had over 2,300 direct report employees over his career, David understands people and what motivates and drives them. (Its not the paycheck.)

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Some of David's Keynote Motivational and Informative Keynote Topics:

IsPossible! (Motivation - Teambuilding - Creativity)

Anything is possible when we "find a way we can do it, not reasons why we can't". With lots of engaging magic, audience participation and "hands on" challenges, each attendee learns and experiences that they can do anything. By learning to build a strong teams of diverse people and look "outside of the box", the solutions to everything are found in the connections we make, the people we embrace. 

The Magic of YOU (Time Management - Leadership - Motivation - Appreciation)

Do we understand, really, how special we are? Much like the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life", David brings your attendees to the realization that to be alive for even a moment, much less a lifetime, is a miracle in itself. For any one of our bodies' systems to function properly for a moment is impossible. For them to work together, develop, grow, age... unfathomable! And for us to NOT admire one another, to genuinely look at one another in complete "awe" is unthinkable! The message is clear: We are here for one lifetime. Embrace and encourage one another to their full potentials. Engage and interact. Motivate and assist. Together, we must lift one another up for our lives to be fulfilling, meaningful and worthwhile.

David Hira's "Six Keys to Success" (Signature Keynote - Customer Service)

David's signature Keynote not only educates and your attendees on how to succeed at business but how to bring these six simple stragies into their home as well. It addresses character, image and manners... things that we all need to be reminded of, especially in the workplace! Best of all, the Six Keys to Success is shared in a way that anyone can duplicate with their staff at their place of employment. Life changing... 

David Hira's "Safety Is No Accident!" (Company Safety Meetings)

"It's better to be cautious a thousand times than to be dead once." As a 20 year veteran of supply-chain management, overseeing distribution centers with trucking, fork lifts, conveyors and MORE, along with David's 20 years in the restaurant business AND having been hit by a car as a pedestrian, David has the perfect message for YOUR team. Not just "how" but "why" safety is everyone's job. David's presentation will have your team members laughing, frightened, sorrowful, full of energy, then full of PURPOSE and MISSION. 

The Magic of Networking (It's more than passing out your business cards!)
It's not WHAT you know but WHO you know. Networking is more than connecting with others to obtain more business. Networking is a necessity for anyone who wants to be successful at their job, with their family or in their community. When faced with a challenge, a task or unsurmountable tasks knowing WHO to call is the SHORT CUT to getting things accomplished faster and better. Who says you can't learn from other's mistakes? Networking is the key to building a team of advisors to help you with anything in the shortest amount of time.

My Dad was Capt. Kirk (Diversity - Leadership - Sensitivity)

Star Trek was ground breaking because its creator, Gene Roddenberry, envisioned a future where all races, genders and life forms shared equal status, respect and position based on their abilities. In the same way Capt. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise had a diverse crew of top officers (unheard of in the 1960's) My father of Japanese decent impacted and entire white, upper class community in the Chicago suburbs by promoting a woman to manager of his car dealership, employing the first black man to ever set foot in Barrington and breaking barriers that others eventually accepted and embraced.

Other Keynotes Include:

- What's Your Sausage? (Being a Profitable Business Owner)
- The Magic of Co-Marketing (How to work and play well with other companies for success)
- The Magic of Customer Services (How to "think like a fish")Have Another Theme or Topic?

David can customize a message that is relevant for your audience on ANY topic or theme. "I am a presenter, an entertainer... I can craft the perfect message for you conference that will engage the hearts as well as the minds while being fun and entertaining."

What David Brings to YOUR Event

David's keynote speeches are always customized to fit the needs of your group and to make sure that they deliver your message in a way that is motivational and entertaining. David ensures that his speech is the right one for your event and your audience by doing "pre-program" research. David's method of research not only prepares him for your meeting or event, but also helps the your leaders make sure that everyone is "on the same page" and reaching for the same goals. No other speaker will dedicate more time to developing a program that addresses the needs and the goals of your company within the scope of your industry!

David leaves your audience with handouts to reinforce the goals discussed during his speech, and also leaves your human resources department with a follow-up program to help track the results of his engagement with your group. David gives your audience more than just a speech: he gives them a system that will ensure their success and the success of your company.     


Published Writings

Published Writings

As an added bonus, ask about purchasing copies of David's book, Conversations on Success, to distribute as gifts to your employees or convention attendees. David's insightful book gives a glimpse into his world and life experiences that guests can carry with them for inspiration. David's book features conversations with some of the worlds most successful businesspeople, including Dr. John Gray (author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and Tom Hopkins (business guru in sales and sales training).

Always clean and fun, never any suggestive, blue, racial or political humor. Motivational Keynote Speaker David Hira is your best and safest choice - always. Guaranteed. 

  • This was our best meeting yet and most of it was because of your mingling and the after dinner program.

    Thomas Keyes

    C.O.O., Metro PCS

  • What a fantastic show. The compliments just kept coming well after your departure.

    Eric Lockart

    Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc.

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