Cell Phone Travel Tip!

In case you missed my last newsletter, here is the helpful travel tip I sent out!

Forgot your phone charger?

There’s nothing like the feeling of checking into your hotel room late at night, unpacking and realizing that you you’ve forgotten your charger for your nearly dead cell phone.

Good news! Lots and lots of hotel guests check out each day and forget their charging cords in their hotel rooms. As a result, most hotels have HUGE collections of cords to choose from in their “lost and found” and are more than happy to give you one that they’ve collected.

As a precaution though, put an extra charging cord in your usual bag now and consider a “back up battery” that lives in your suitcase.

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Holiday Guest Tip!

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!

The holidays are always a hectic time- people travel across the country to be with their families and loved ones… and those families and loved ones open up their homes and guest rooms! When we have guests at our house, they often forget to bring the amenities that hotels usually provide. Here is a little trick I use to make sure my house guests have everything they need!

When I travel, I stay in hotels, but bring my own shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. However, I still take the tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles from the hotel bathrooms home with me. I put all of the little bottles in a glass bowl in my guest bathroom so that when people stay with us, they still have all of their toiletry needs taken care of! Not only does this provide my guests with what they need to shower, it also gives them a glimpse into all of the places my travels take me!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Helpful Travel Tip!

When you travel as much as I do, you are constantly sharing travel tips with your friends! This tip comes from my good friend C.J. Johnson at Game Shows To Go. Check out his website at www.gameshowstogo.com!

Monthly Travel Tip

“If you ever stay in hotel rooms you know that sometimes those hotel room drapes have a gap in them that either let’s in early morning sunlight or peeping eyes.

Don’t worry about it anymore… Simply take the pants hanger out of the hotel closet (the one with the clips on it) and clip the drapes together in the center and now you can have complete privacy!

This also works on the bottom of the drape as a weight for those times that the A/C is blowing the curtain up.

Think of Game Shows To Go each time you use this travel tip!”