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Customer Service – History or Opportunity?

After experiencing the WORST customer service with a company on the phone, via email or in person do you feel like someone should simply blurt out, “April Fools!”. (Surely their customer service can’t really be THAT BAD, can it?)

Reality Check
Is your customer service the best in the business? Pose as a new customer. Call your own company, see how they answer the phone. How long does it take to get the right answer and to the right person? Do they offer you solutions? The truth is, everything can always be improved upon and everything can always be done better.

BEAT your competition
We can ALWAYS beat our competition by offering the BEST customer service possible. People want to do business with whom it is easiest to do business with and with people that can help them and produce results.

When is the last time you have put yourself and your team through real and character-changing customer service training? (Really. Think about it.)

How can I help you?
You may know me as an entertainer, magician, Master of Ceremonies and illusionist. Did you know that I am also one of the most experienced business people in the United States. From running a $4.2 billion electronics company for 20 years to owning and managing my own restaurant, medical and day spa, jewelry business and more… I have defined and refined the art of teaching teams my”Six Keys to Customer Service”.

My “inside out” approach changes people’s respect for themselves, for their co-workers and for your customers. I can teach your team that customers call in or come in wanting one simple thing: SMTYC. (Show Me That You Care). Empathy, understanding and the desire to help another human being are the traits of the servant-heart approach.

My fun, heart-moving and inspirational hands-on workshop will have your people caring more, doing more, responding quicker and producing happier customers who bring you more customers. Customer and employee loyalty go UP and absenteeism, theft and bad attitudes go DOWN.

Give me 2 hours with your team, anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world. See results in the first week, six weeks and beyond.

My workshop is not free but a 20 minute conversation with me is! I want you to know what my program is all about and how it can make your company better, how it can attract more customers and how you can retain more customers and retain your great employees longer. Let’s see if we’re a good fit. No matter how big your company is or no matter how small your company is, I can help.

Act now!
Really. You know that you need to at least have the discussion. Perhaps you need to forward this to your boss or someone else you know. Simply email me or call me. We’ll set an appointment so that we both can focus on your needs and my solutions.

Thanks for sticking with me. Thanks for sharing me with others. Together we can make a difference. I am grateful for you.

Looking forward…

David Hira
My Personal Cell Phone: 469-688-3954

The PERFECT Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Magician makes magic for Valentine's DayGift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Guys, guys, guys… Flowers? Chocolates? Really? Okay, sure. Why not? But in addition to the usual, why not take it to the next level?

If you want to really reach a woman’s heart let her know that you understand (and are paying attention) to what she loves. Don’t try to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to getting her a present. Don’t risk it! Instead, take what you KNOW she likes and repackage it.

Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking…


  1. Put her favorite songs on a new iPod that is for her bedside or for working out or for whatever she does for her “me time”.
  2. Take her favorite photos and place them beautifully in a nice album. Take her to a special and picturesque place where you can give it to her AND take some new photos of the both of you to add to the last page of the album.
  3. Surprise her by telling her you’re taking her out on a date then surprise her with her favorite restaurant’s food delivered (or picked up for home) and have dinner in front of her favorite movie (DVD) on TV for an “at home” date night.
  4. Find her favorite pair of shoes that are worn out and have them refinished at a shoe repair shop. Present them to her along with a night out for her to break them in all over again.
  5. Set up an appointment at the counter of her favorite cosmetics at Nieman Marcus (or similar) for a makeover and the purchase of all new makeup. Bring wine and cheese in a small cooler when you take her. Make it special (and be prepared for the sticker shock of what good makeup really costs!)
  6. Her favorite restaurant and meal? Learn how to make it and surprise her by cooking it at home. Even a bad attempt will be appreciated. Make your dining area look like the restaurant. Type up a menu. Dress like a waiter. Make it fun!
  7. Fly in her best friend that she hasn’t seen in a long time for a visit with her. Nothing is more appreciated than you arranging time for her with a missed friend. Give THEM a night out (without you) at a hotel so then can “girl talk” and catch up.
  8. Many women love a good massage. If you really want to treat her have the masseuse come to your home. Secretly set up a room at home to look like a spa room. There is nothing greater than getting a massage and not having to get in a car to drive home.

These are just some suggestions. Think about the things she loves the most. The places she likes. Then, repackage them in an unexpected way.

Give gifts that are from the heart and not the wallet. These are the gift’s that will capture her heart and that she’ll tell her friends about for years…

About the Author: David Hira is both an entertainer and a keynote motivational speaker. David connects people’s heads to their hearts and has them care about any job or task that is before them. Learn more about David at

Sibling Rules on Property

If I like it, it’s mine.
If I’m holding it, it’s mine.
If I can take it from you, it’s mine.
If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine.
…If I’m chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.
If it’s mine, it must never appear to be yours anyway.
If it just looks like mine, it’s mine.
If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.

If Its Broken , Its Yours …

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami – Personal Thoughts

I’m a native born American of Japanese and Dutch decent. Our family house has been in Nagano prefecture in northern Japan for over 800 years. It is close to the earthquakes. That said, I no longer have relatives in Japan.

The images of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan are beyond words. It doesn’t matter what your heritage, your ethnicity nor your history of where you’ve lived. This is a human tragedy.

I have friends in Japan. One is a magician, one is a missionary and one is the exchange student “daughter” of one of my best friends in Texas. We have heard from the first two. They are fine. We have not yet heard from the exchange student daughter. We are hopeful that her electricity and communication are simply not working. We hope. We pray.

What can you do or I do? If you believe in prayer, pray. Until things become more clear I say “wait” on sending money. There are many established organizations that we can trust. But until the authorities can assess the needs, wait to give. That said, we can try to purchase items that are made in Japan. You can plan a trip to other areas of the country so that your tourism dollars are added to the tax base. As for our extended family we are planning a ten day trip to Japan this summer. We hope to have 25 of us going.

The next best things we can do? Take inventory of your home. What supplies and plan do you have in place should you loose electricity and water for six weeks? There are lots of web sites that can guide you of what you should have and where you can find the supplies. Start stocking up. It’s another way to show your family that you love them.

These are my thoughts. I hope that none of us are every faced with anything like we have seen in Japan. Pray, support their economy and prepare your household.

Looking forward…

David Hira

Valentine Magic – Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Magician makes magic for Valentine's Day

I recently was a guest at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was hired to be the closing motivational keynote speaker for U.S. Foodservice and spoke to their top sales people. That evening, I entertained as the “world’s greatest magician” with expert sleight of hand for their social hour.

I noticed the chocolate covered strawberries from The Broadmoor’s kitchen right away. With a bit of coaxing, their awesome chef happily shared their secret to making these gems at home. I thought that I’d share this recipe with you for Valentine’s Day. Yes, you could buy these already made, but show your loved one how much you care by making them yourself.


Chef Remy Fünfrock, Executive Pastry Chef at The Broadmoor
Makes 10 Strawberries


  • 10 oz. High Quality Dark Chocolate – 70% Cocoa
  • 4 oz. High Quality White Chocolate
  • 10 Ripe Strawberries
  • 1 Candy Thermometer
  • 1 Baking Sheet Lined with Parchment Paper or Aluminum Foil
  • 1 Pastry Bag Fitted with a Small Round Tip


  1. Melt the dark chocolate over a double boiler.  Stir consistently making sure                                                                             the temperature of of the chocolate doesn’t exceed 88° F.
  2. Melt the white chocolate the same way as the dark chocolate except that                                                                                 the temperature should be 84° F.
  3. Dip a strawberry in the dark chocolate and place it on the lined baking sheet.                                                                     Repeat for all of the strawberries.
  4. Fill the pastry bag with the white chocolate.  Drizzle white chocolate over                                                                                 the strawberries  making thin lines.
  5. Refrigerate with until set.
  6. Serve with a Liquid Love cocktail…


  • Use good dark chocolate for this- Ghiradelli or Nestle work great.
  • When melting the chocolate, go back and forth over the double boiler to avoid                                                             overheating the chocolate.
  • Never add water to thin out chocolate.  If it is too thick, it probably isn’t a good                                                                 quality chocolate.
  • If you choose to use milk chocolate instead of dark, work with it the same way as                                                                   the white chocolate.

So there you have it. Give it a whirl. Don’t just tell people you love them… SHOW them you love them. This should do the trick!

Superbowl Corporate Hospitality Suite Party Entertainer Magician

Bill Lively knows what it takes to make events great!

The Superbowl is coming to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas! Tireless host Committee President and CEO Bill Lively, is working hard to make sure that lots of corporate hospitality parties and events are planned. Corporate sponsors will entertain corporate customers and clients at parties large and small. With the super storm hitting and ice hitting the streets, don’t let your party be a dud!

Have an icebreaker (literally) that works to make people feel welcomed and gets them to know others quickly. As a Dallas Fort Worth based entertainer and magician my goal is to help introduce people to one another and get them mixing and mingling with laughs and fun while using your company name over and over again. Am I the world’s greatest magician? I’m not sure about that but I do know that I can help you entertain your guests better than anyone. Call for availability and rates.

David Hira
Phone: 469-688-3954

Resolve to Stop Making New Year Resoutions

New Year’s Resolutions might serve us better if we were to set them up as a “report card” of our lives. Just like in grade school, might I suggest that you design a report card that is divided up into sections: Family, work, recreation, spiritual, community.

How are we doing in each of these areas? What “grade” would we receive in each of these areas? What would the notes say from our “teacher” under each of these categories? Which would say “needs improvement” or would say “…really excelled in this area this year”? Which would say, “needs to apply more effort” or “more time”?

I had created such a report card for myself that I gave to each of my family members twice a year. THEY filled out the card on me. My wife and my kids told me how I was doing in each area.They graded me giving me and gave me both praise on things I was doing well and gave me encouragement on areas in which I was “failing”.

We tend to fail at things that are “self serving” but seem to flourish when we work to please others. Perhaps we should simply resolve to serve our families, friends and community better and then ask them how we are doing at check points along the way.

I resolve to quit making New Years Resolutions. Instead, I’m opting to make help others with their resolutions and their goals and their desires. In the end, I will have succeeded in attaining everything that I really wanted in the first place.

I will have become a better human being.

The Improv

While some people are worried about the effects of the B.P. oil spill, the effectiveness of President Obama and the outcome of the world cup others are enjoying and living life to their fullest. People always want to laugh, be entertained and be taken away from reality for a mental break. Whether it is going to see Toy Story 3, seeing the Broadway hit “Wicked” or going to see a comedy show at The Improv, people need to laugh and leave their worries behind.

I am privileged to do just that for people. My comedy magic shows (based out of Dallas Fort Worth Texas) has been seen around the world. For a trade show traffic stopper in Las Vegas, an awards banquet in Portland, Oregon, and for festival entertainment with my Make Believe Circus.

And, as a motivational speaker, my job is to remind people that they have the ability to do anything. We become what we dwell on. I’d like to inspire people to dwell upon the best things in life. As a result, life will be the best!

If your company, non-profit organization or church is looking for something fun, exciting, interesting and amazing… please give them my information! David Hira – comedy magic, illusion, keynote speaker and motivational speaker. I’ll do my very best! Many thanks…

Clean Entertainment for Corporate Audiences

After a recent show I called my client to say thank you and to get feedback. “They all love you and your show… we’re glad we didn’t go with a comedian.” Ah, I hear this all to often. What is the reason behind this common thread?


Corporate events and customer appreciation events are all about having fun and adding a little excitement. The last thing anyone wants is there to be that “oh no…” moment when a performer says the wrong (stupid) thing in front of the crowd that the corporation is trying to “win over”. Suggestive or sexual humor or innuendos are never appropriate. Keeping it clean, fun, upbeat and positive is my motto. Political humor, religious humor, ethnic references or references to the economy is neither funny nor appropriate at a corporate gathering.

The client continued, “We once had a comedian and had to tell them to please leave out any dirty stuff or political references as our crowd does not take kindly to those types of remarks. The comedian PROMISED to leave that material out but he didn’t.” Oh my. How do you solve that?

I promise my clients two simple things. There is NEVER any suggestive, political, religious or ethnic humor in anything I do…not on stage nor off stage. You will NEVER have to ask me to leave that type of material out of my act because it was NEVER in my act to begin with. Secondly, I offer a full 100% money-back guarantee. If you audience is not completely delighted with my performance you pay no performance fee.

It is more important than ever to treat your staff, your customers and your potential customers with complete respect. Respecting their personal viewpoints means never making fun of things that they may hold dear. Being sure that your speakers and your entertainers are committed to this is essential. Check references before you hire your entertainer or speaker. Be sure they have a guarantee. Insist on seeing recent video of their performances. Get everything in writing.

Know of someone who is planning a corporate retreat, company event, trade show or convention? David Hira is the perfect entertainment or keynote motivational speaker for corporate, non-profit or church events. Find out more at or by calling 469-688-3954. David travels from Dallas – Fort Worth and is available nation-wide and internationally.

Dallas – Fort Worth Based Magician and Motivational Speaker

People have asked why my website, , does not mention my home city. I am a Dallas magician and motivational speaker that travels the entire world with my clean fun magic and illusion shows and my engaging and entertaining clean keynote motivational speaker appearances. Because it is easy and inexpensive to fly anywhere from the DFW Dallas/Fort Worth area I simply don’t “advertise” from where I will be traveling! So, when people are looking for the best magician or best motivational speaker in their cities I simply say, “I am!” I can be anywhere in a matter of hours. Now you know another one of my secrets! Look for me in Austin, Orlando, Chicago and Washington D.C. in the coming months. And if you’re having an event in Bora Bora or Fiji, I’d love to be your number one choice! Hope to see you at an event sometime soon!

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