Customer Service – History or Opportunity?

After experiencing the WORST customer service with a company on the phone, via email or in person do you feel like someone should simply blurt out, “April Fools!”. (Surely their customer service can’t really be THAT BAD, can it?)

Reality Check
Is your customer service the best in the business? Pose as a new customer. Call your own company, see how they answer the phone. How long does it take to get the right answer and to the right person? Do they offer you solutions? The truth is, everything can always be improved upon and everything can always be done better.

BEAT your competition
We can ALWAYS beat our competition by offering the BEST customer service possible. People want to do business with whom it is easiest to do business with and with people that can help them and produce results.

When is the last time you have put yourself and your team through real and character-changing customer service training? (Really. Think about it.)

How can I help you?
You may know me as an entertainer, magician, Master of Ceremonies and illusionist. Did you know that I am also one of the most experienced business people in the United States. From running a $4.2 billion electronics company for 20 years to owning and managing my own restaurant, medical and day spa, jewelry business and more… I have defined and refined the art of teaching teams my”Six Keys to Customer Service”.

My “inside out” approach changes people’s respect for themselves, for their co-workers and for your customers. I can teach your team that customers call in or come in wanting one simple thing: SMTYC. (Show Me That You Care). Empathy, understanding and the desire to help another human being are the traits of the servant-heart approach.

My fun, heart-moving and inspirational hands-on workshop will have your people caring more, doing more, responding quicker and producing happier customers who bring you more customers. Customer and employee loyalty go UP and absenteeism, theft and bad attitudes go DOWN.

Give me 2 hours with your team, anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world. See results in the first week, six weeks and beyond.

My workshop is not free but a 20 minute conversation with me is! I want you to know what my program is all about and how it can make your company better, how it can attract more customers and how you can retain more customers and retain your great employees longer. Let’s see if we’re a good fit. No matter how big your company is or no matter how small your company is, I can help.

Act now!
Really. You know that you need to at least have the discussion. Perhaps you need to forward this to your boss or someone else you know. Simply email me or call me. We’ll set an appointment so that we both can focus on your needs and my solutions.

Thanks for sticking with me. Thanks for sharing me with others. Together we can make a difference. I am grateful for you.

Looking forward…

David Hira
My Personal Cell Phone: 469-688-3954