Superbowl Corporate Hospitality Suite Party Entertainer Magician

Bill Lively knows what it takes to make events great!

The Superbowl is coming to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas! Tireless host Committee President and CEO Bill Lively, is working hard to make sure that lots of corporate hospitality parties and events are planned. Corporate sponsors will entertain corporate customers and clients at parties large and small. With the super storm hitting and ice hitting the streets, don’t let your party be a dud!

Have an icebreaker (literally) that works to make people feel welcomed and gets them to know others quickly. As a Dallas Fort Worth based entertainer and magician my goal is to help introduce people to one another and get them mixing and mingling with laughs and fun while using your company name over and over again. Am I the world’s greatest magician? I’m not sure about that but I do know that I can help you entertain your guests better than anyone. Call for availability and rates.

David Hira
Phone: 469-688-3954