Resolve to Stop Making New Year Resoutions

New Year’s Resolutions might serve us better if we were to set them up as a “report card” of our lives. Just like in grade school, might I suggest that you design a report card that is divided up into sections: Family, work, recreation, spiritual, community.

How are we doing in each of these areas? What “grade” would we receive in each of these areas? What would the notes say from our “teacher” under each of these categories? Which would say “needs improvement” or would say “…really excelled in this area this year”? Which would say, “needs to apply more effort” or “more time”?

I had created such a report card for myself that I gave to each of my family members twice a year. THEY filled out the card on me. My wife and my kids told me how I was doing in each area.They graded me giving me and gave me both praise on things I was doing well and gave me encouragement on areas in which I was “failing”.

We tend to fail at things that are “self serving” but seem to flourish when we work to please others. Perhaps we should simply resolve to serve our families, friends and community better and then ask them how we are doing at check points along the way.

I resolve to quit making New Years Resolutions. Instead, I’m opting to make help others with their resolutions and their goals and their desires. In the end, I will have succeeded in attaining everything that I really wanted in the first place.

I will have become a better human being.