Dallas – Fort Worth Based Magician and Motivational Speaker

People have asked why my website, www.davidhira.com , does not mention my home city. I am a Dallas magician and motivational speaker that travels the entire world with my clean fun magic and illusion shows and my engaging and entertaining clean keynote motivational speaker appearances. Because it is easy and inexpensive to fly anywhere from the DFW Dallas/Fort Worth area I simply don’t “advertise” from where I will be traveling! So, when people are looking for the best magician or best motivational speaker in their cities I simply say, “I am!” I can be anywhere in a matter of hours. Now you know another one of my secrets! Look for me in Austin, Orlando, Chicago and Washington D.C. in the coming months. And if you’re having an event in Bora Bora or Fiji, I’d love to be your number one choice! Hope to see you at an event sometime soon!

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