Thoughts on an Elevator

Do you talk to people in elevators? How about to people seated behind you at the movies before the show begins? In line at the bank, the post office or at the gas station?

I know it drives my friends and my family nuts, but I do! I can’t help myself!

It is no secret that I believe in God and in the Bible. When I look at all of the incredible things that God has created on this earth I think that “people” are the most awesome things of all. When I’m on an elevator I cannot help but think, “These people are especially and wonderfully created by God!” I realize that I may NEVER be this close to these people ever again. I simply MUST acknowledge these incredible creations of His who are sharing the space with me for this one moment.

I don’t simply say, “Hello…” I don’t merely ask, “How are you?” In the few seconds we might have together I ask, “Can I ask you a quick question? I love to travel. Where’s the coolest place you’ve been that I need to know about?” Then, let the fun begin! Watch them react. Most of the time they look at me in shock, then in skepticism. Next, they smile as they recall a terrific place… and then they share! It is a wonderful moment for me and a wonderful time for them. I leave a better person and, hopefully, so do they.

Try it! Share a moment with a stranger and acknowledge how special they are.

And remember, you are incredibly and wonderfully made too! There will never be anyone in the world like you ever again. I hope that others will take a moment to notice how special you are and perhaps even ask you a simple question with the hopes of finding out even more about you.

Lets play my elevator game online: where is the coolest place you have ever visited? Post your comments on here so that you and I can share a moment and I can learn something special about you!

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