Five Tips for a Great Trade Show Booth

Trade show season is upon us – make sure you are ready to make the most of  your experience and time at your show with these five tips to make your booth the best ever!

1. Remember, it is a trade SHOW.

Have a script, costumes (company shirts), and props (promotional items). Be sure to rehearse your staff before you go to the trade show. Set up a mock trade show booth at your office or your company’s cafeteria. Have a script of what people are to say and practice how you will greet customers and prospects.  Enthusiastically practice handing out materials and giveaways and practice gathering info on those who come by.

2. Have a set of RULES.

When you are in the booth you are ON STAGE. Bring smiles, leave company gossip and drama at the door. Be well groomed: clothes must be pressed. Breaks take place outside of the booth: no eating in the booth and no sitting in the booth. No bad language or off-color jokes. Make sure your employees only use positive language and statements for the duration of the show. Be good neighbors to the other exhibitors- depending on the show, some may also be your customers or suppliers. Every 3 hours: Change your shoes, brush your teeth and apply deodorant.

3. Love your attendees’ KIDS.

Be sure to have giveaways that are fun for participants to bring home to their kids. This is a SURE WAY to win the hearts of those who come to the trade show who have traveled away from home to attend the show. They will remember you because you helped them be heros at home. A great specialty advertising company can help you choose the perfect items.

4. Market your booth BEFORE ARRIVING.

Send invitations two weeks before the event to customers and potential customers telling them that you’ll be at the trade show. Give them an incentive to come to your booth such as a “ticket” for a free gift. Entice them with teasers such as, “Want to see which gizmo will save the most electricity in 2010? We’ll have it in our booth!”


Trade shows have limited floor time for you to attract people to your booth and deliver your compelling sales message. Hire a professional who is skilled in STOPPING TRAFFIC in the aisles who can entertain people while informing them of your product and services and PEAK their interest to learn more about you. It’s a game of numbers: the more people who know what problems you solve for them with your product or service, the more business you will get!

I am an entertainer, keynote speaker and an expert at getting people to STOP at trade show booths just like yours. For more information…

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