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Entertainer, comedian, magician, public speaker, motivational speaker and inspirational speaker David Hira.
Yep, you've found him!

"Contagious enthusiasm with a wealth of experience." 

David Hira tours the country entertaining and inspiring audiences through laughter, fun and experience.
Based out of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, David travels nationwide and abroad.

Beginnings in Magic and Showbusiness

David's love for magic began when he was a child living in Chicago. His dad took him to a Chicago car show at McCormick Place Convention Center where David saw his first live magician. It was fun and entertaining and David instantly fell in love with magic and theatre and began performing shows when he was in junior high. Watching master magician Mark Wilson and David Copperfield on television was simply inspiring to this young performer. As David developed as a performer and magician, he began to see that his magic was more than simple entertainment - it was proof that anything is possible! David loves to show people how they have the same ability in their lives as he does as a magician. Through his magic and his motivational speaking, David strives to show people how to find ways to do things instead of reason's they couldn't do them.

The lessons David learned through his magic have helped him throughout his many varied careers. His persistence in finding ways to accomplish his goals combined with his passion for helping others achieve their goals make David the ideal leader to build succesfull teams and give people the motivational tools they need.

Business Background

David worked to help grow a $600 million electronic company into a $4.4 billion dollar electronics company over his 20 years of managing operations for a quarter of the country. He has been nationally recognized as an expert on Foreign Trade Zones for Fortune 500 import/export companies, and has worked as a consultant to many international corporations, navigating imports and exports through the regulations of U.S. Customs. As a marketing consultant, David has helped hundreds of businesses to improve their customer service, advertising, and sales. How to "work and play with others", network properly (properly) and leverage one's lifetime of contacts is how David has achieved success with so many businesses and what he teaches and preaches every day.

In addition to his experience in the corporate world, David is also a successful "serial entrepreneur" who has opened and managed several small and medium sized businesses. David opened, managed, and owned a successful Japanese restaurant that is now over 30 years old. He started with his first business a bicycle repair shop, owned a jewelry company, and most recently a luxurious day spa and medispa in Colleyville, Texas. David also founded and led a continuing education seminar for pediatric nurses that taught "a-traumatic care" to thousands of nurses across the country

Throughout his years in the business world, David has implemented effective teams and led them to accomplish his many "impossible" goals in several different industries during his varied careers. David's experience in management has taught him what motivates employees, and how to reach employees and apply successful management techniques to create happy and productive employees. David will help align your organization's goals with what motivates your employees to increase productivity and to create a corporate culture that employees are proud to be a part of.

Personal Life

While David tours around the world from his home in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, performing and presenting for corporations and organizations large and small, he is also dedicated to his local community, his church, and his family. David and his wife live just outside of Dallas. They have three grown children who live in Austin and Chicago. Recent grandparents, Ezra is the newest addition to the family! David is on the Board of Directors for the Duncanville Community Theatre and served on The Board of Governors at The Park City Club in Dallas. David donates his time to his local chambers of commerce, food banks, animal shelters and crisis center. 

  • This was our best meeting yet and most of it was because of your mingling and the after dinner program.

    Thomas Keyes

    C.O.O., Metro PCS

  • What a fantastic show. The compliments just kept coming well after your departure.

    Eric Lockart

    Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc.

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